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How to Get Rid of Jowls Using CoolSculpting, Semaglutide, and More

Most people start to see the first signs of aging once they reach their mid-20s or early 30s. Crow’s feet and frown lines are typically some of the first signs to appear. After that, people often develop areas of sagging skin along the jawline. These areas are often referred to as “jowls,” and they can dramatically alter the appearance of your face and profile. Here’s what you should know about excess skin on your jawline and how CoolSculpting and other treatments can help with your jowl reduction goals.

What Are Jowls?

Jowls are visible pockets of sagging skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue located just below your jawline. They may also appear below your chin. Though their appearance on your face might cause you to panic, there’s nothing unusual or harmful about jowls. Almost everyone will eventually develop them as a natural part of aging.

Jowls form when the skin loses collagen and elastin and doesn’t maintain its shape as well. As it stretches and becomes thinner, it begins to hang off the jaw and distort the shape of the jawline. Jowls are not only composed of saggy skin but subcutaneous fat as well. Therefore, if you have excess fat on your face, you’re more likely to develop prominent jowls as you age. Fortunately, there are ways you can get rid of jowls and restore your slimmer profile. Later in this guide, you can find popular jowl reduction treatments, such as CoolSculpting and Semaglutide.

What Causes Jowls?

As mentioned, age is the most prominent driver of hanging skin on the face, jawline, and elsewhere. As the skin produces less elastin and collagen, it becomes saggier. Thanks to the impact of gravity, saggy skin tends to hang off the lowest portion of the face, which happens to be the jawline.

However, heredity is also linked to jowl frequency and prominence. If your parents, grandparents, or siblings have jowls, you may also be genetically predisposed to them. People with a family history of jowls are more likely to develop them at a young age. Some people may notice skin hanging off their jaw as young as their teens or early twenties.

Excess weight is another risk factor for jowl development. Though thin people can also get excess skin along their jawlines, the problem tends to be more prominent in people who are heavier. If you have a lot of extra weight to lose, getting rid of it might be one of the most effective jowl treatments.

Finally, certain lifestyle habits can lead to jowl development. These include smoking and extensive sun exposure. Smoking can damage elastin and collagen. It can also narrow the blood vessels and prevent optimal circulation to your face. If your skin doesn’t get a sufficient blood supply to provide the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, it will age faster. Likewise, excessive sun exposure can compromise your skin’s health and elasticity. Over time, the ultraviolet rays can weaken your skin’s collagen and cause it to sag.

Will Jowls Go Away on Their Own?

Once jowls develop, getting rid of them can be challenging – but not impossible –. They’re unlikely to go away on their own without some sort of action on your part. You can try various jowl reduction interventions to get back your shapely jawline. Some treatment options, such as a facelift, involve surgery. But there are also non-invasive ways to get rid of jowls.

CoolSculpting, Kybella, semaglutide, and injectables can all help reduce the appearance of hanging skin and fatty tissue on your jawline. Some of these treatments involve cutting-edge laser technology, while others involve injecting fillers into your skin. Some injectables add volume to desired areas, while others stimulate collagen production to help your skin become more elastic and less saggy.

Many people prefer noninvasive treatments because they are safer, less painful, and typically more affordable than surgical alternatives. Here’s an overview of the various noninvasive jowl treatments you can choose from and how they work.

CoolSculpting Elite for Jowl Reduction

CoolSculpting Elite is a cutting-edge form of fat reduction using Cryolipolysis to freeze fat cells. As the cells freeze, they rupture and crystallize. This causes them to die in a process called apoptosis. The body then removes the dead and damaged cells by excreting them as waste.

The fat cells destroyed by CoolSculpting Elite can never regrow on the body. Therefore, this innovative treatment leads to permanent fat loss. Since jowls are commonly composed of stretched-out skin and subcutaneous fat, this treatment can help. Evidence shows that CoolSculpting may also tighten the skin and improve its laxity. The device is FDA-cleared for treating lax tissue and visible fat bulges in the submental area (below the chin).

What to Expect During Your CoolSculpting Appointment

You should know what to expect during your appointment if you choose to receive CoolSculpting treatments for your jowl reduction goals. Your provider will meet with you to make sure they understand your treatment goals. Then, they’ll mark the desired treatment area along or under your jawline with a pen.

Before treatment officially begins, your provider will place a protective gel pad over your skin. Then, they’ll apply the FDA-cleared CoolSculpting applicator to your skin and begin treatment. You may experience a sensation of intense cold as the machine does what it’s meant to do. You may also feel mild stinging, tugging, or tingling sensations at the treatment site. These are fairly common and shouldn’t cause pain. As the area grows colder and becomes more numb, you’ll feel less sensation in the treated area.

After the procedure, you may feel mild discomfort at the treatment site. You might also experience numbness, tingling, or itching deep beneath your skin. Some people also experience cramping and muscle spasms. These symptoms should resolve on their own in a matter of hours. If they don’t, reach out to your provider for further instructions.

Semaglutide and Weight Loss for Jowl Reduction

Semaglutide is a weight loss medication that’s exploding in popularity. It’s also FDA-approved for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Semaglutide works by decreasing the release of glucagon and increasing insulin release in the body. It also regulates blood sugar, reduces the appetite, and slows the rate of stomach emptying. All of these actions help to promote fat loss and weight reduction.

Since jowls are a common side effect of excess weight, simply losing the extra pounds may help to minimize their appearance. If you’ve tried unsuccessfully to lose weight by exercising and eating healthfully, Semaglutide injections are also a great solution for reducing jowls. Talk to your provider to see if this is the right jowl treatment.

Health First Medical Weight Loss & Skin Care is proud to provide name-brand Ozempic injections for weight loss for our clients in Rancho Cucamonga, Redlands, and Hesperia, CA. To learn more about Ozempic for weight loss, call us to schedule a consultation. You can also read about Ozempic weight loss reviews on our blog.

Dermal Fillers for Jowl Reduction

Dermal fillers are injectable, gel-like substances with various useful purposes. They are FDA-approved to smooth fine lines on the face and hands. They can also improve volume in desired areas. A lesser-known benefit of dermal fillers is that they can stimulate collagen production to improve skin firmness. This is one of the primary ways they can reduce the appearance of jowls. If you want to eliminate slack skin under your chin and enhance jawline definition, consider dermal filler injections like Volux XC. Juvederm Volux XC is one of the best dermal filler jowl treatments we offer. Unlike comparable hyaluronic acid fillers, it’s very dense and highly effective at smoothing the jaw’s contour.

Botox for Jowl Reduction

Botox is one of the most popular injectable cosmetic products to date. It’s prepared from the toxin botulin bacteria, which has a paralyzing effect on the treated muscles. Though Botox injections are most commonly used for wrinkles, they can also help to get rid of jowls. Botox injections for jowls relax the muscles below the mouth and along the jawline. This creates a more lifted appearance that extends from the lower face all the way down to the neck.

It’s important to note that Botox is only recommended for mild jowls. It may not produce satisfactory results for cases of severe jowls. Talk to your provider to find out if Botox can help improve the shape of your jawline.

Kybella for Jowl Reduction

Kybella is a prescription medication that can help improve the profile by minimizing the appearance of submental fat or “double chin.” It can also reduce the appearance of jiggly jowls and help the jawline appear more pronounced. Kybella is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, which occurs naturally in the body. Deoxycholic acid helps the body break down fat and absorb it.

Kybella is administered via small under-chin injections. The precise number of injections you receive depends on how much submental fat you have and your specific treatment goals. The fat cells destroyed by Kybella injections lead to permanent fat loss in the area.

Schedule Your Jowl Reduction Procedure

At Health First Medical Weight Loss & Skin Care, we take pride in helping our patients discover the best version of themselves. If jowls have diminished your self-confidence, we invite you to stop by for a consultation. We offer many different jowl treatments, from CoolSculpting Elite to Botox. Schedule your appointment by calling 760-948-0980 (our Hesperia location), 909-335-0980 (our Redlands location), or 909-870-9040 (our Rancho Cucamonga location).


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