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Redlands Med Spa - Health First Medical

Health First Medical Weight Loss & Skin Care is a luxury med spa in Redlands. Our specialists are here to help you achieve your health and aesthetic goals.

Our med spa facility is located in the heart of Redlands at the intersection of Almond Ave and Alabama St. We proudly offer the most popular options for body contouring services, including CoolSculpting. In addition, our med spa also provides anti-aging treatments like Botox and Dermal Fillers, as well as other innovative treatments.


Depending on your med spa treatment, you can stay in our facility for anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, maybe longer. The time you spend in a Medspa heavily depends on the treatments you achieve, the number of services you receive, and if you have an in-depth consultation to discuss proper treatment.

Med spas offer a wide variety of treatments, including weight loss, CoolSculpting Elite, Botox, Dermal Fillers, Kybella, Ted Alma Hair Restoration, and more. Health First Medical Weight Loss & Skin Care is a leading med spa in the Redlands area, providing some of the highest quality medical spa services available today.

Most Medspa treatments are considered to be elective. This means insurance policies rarely ever cover them. However, medical spas offer various payment options, including cash and credit. Some also provide third-party financing and payment plans. Contact us for a consultation to learn more about the payment options available at this Redlands Medpsa.


Health first is amazing! I highly recommend the fat burner injections! It made my weight loss journey so much easier and nothing compares to their amazing prices! Facility is always super clean & The staff are all so sweet & welcoming!

Titi A.

Health First is such a great place to go for weight lost, Botox, lip Fillers and etc! The girls are so nice and welcoming and motivates you to do your best. They care about each and every patient that walks through that door. The place is so nice and always clean and is in a great location. The provider is very proficient and does great work!

Briahna C.

Very clean professional office, the staff and all the providers are extremely helpful and informative! I did their weight loss program to lose weight and really appreciated all the tips and the personalized nutrition plan the providers took time to explain to me. Easily the best med spa I've been to thus far! I would highly recommend this place!

Bra-Shona J.

These guys are great. Very kind, professional and no undue delays when you get there (some doctors make you feel like you're lucky they're seeing you at all!) Mind you, this office is not in a great neighborhood but I've never had any trouble. I will continue to make the 45 minute drive there because they are very reasonably priced and great service and expertise!

Jacqui V.

15 lbs down in 2 months- how great is that! This program works, and the staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. Can't wait to see what happens the next two months!

Marilyn S.


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