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How to Get Rid of Love Handles

Love handles can plague anyone. Not only are they common, but they are also extremely difficult to lose. Fat in the love handles, or flanks, clings to your sides and never wants to let go, despite your efforts. When you deal with excessive fat in this area it accumulates on your hips and hangs over your pants giving you that horrible “muffin top” appearance. Thankfully, there are excellent ways you can reduce love handles.

How to Get Rid of Love Handles Using Diets

Unfortunately, fad diets do not work. There are, however, safe and effective diet or lifestyle changes that can help you control your love handle problem. Some of the most useful ways to diet and reduce fat include:

  •  Reducing your sugar intake
  •  Limit carb intake
  • Following a plant-based diet
  • Intermittent fasting

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What is the Best Exercise to Get Rid of Love Handles?

The best way to reduce love handle fullness is to combine diets with exercise. There are certain exercises that strengthen and tighten the midsection. These include:

  •  Planks
  •  Side planks
  •  Russian twists
  •  Mountain climbers
  •  Abdominal scissors
  •  Woodchoppers

Exercising is a good tool for losing weight, but they are not always enough to reduce fat in the love handles. In order to lose weight in this area, you have to lose weight all over the body. There is no way to “spot reduce” fat in any area.

What Non-Invasive Methods Get Rid of Love Handles?

Exercises and diets do not entirely burn away stubborn fat in the flanks for most men and women. This area is a problem zone known for holding on to resistant fat. Even if a person works out every day and eats a healthy, balanced diet, they can still struggle with love handle fat. However, there is a safe, non-invasive method for reducing love handles.

CoolSculpting Elite to Get Rid of Love Handles

CoolSculpting Elite is the newest technology available for eliminating fat cells using Cryolipolysis. This non-invasive fat-freezing method exposes subcutaneous fat cells under the skin to extreme cooling. The treatment temperature effectively “freezes” the fat cells causing the cell membrane to rupture. After this occurs, the cells die and naturally process out of the body.

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Best of all, CoolSculpting Elite is the superior fat-freezing treatment. It can reduce twice the amount of fat cells in less time.

If you are exhausting yourself with manual exercise and dieting AND still see no results, CoolSculpting Elite might be the right solution. Contact Health First Medical Weight Loss and Skin Care now to learn how to get rid of love handles in the safest, nonsurgical way. Call us at Hesperia 760-948-0980 or Redlands 909-335-0980 to schedule your free consultation to learn more.


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